The known land is ruled by the unseen tyrant Kellek in his mighty Citadel of Wonders. Though Kellek cares nothing for his people, his iron grip on his dominion has kept most monsters and disasters at bay. The Sealing of the Feywild occurred so long ago that the Eladrin have become myth. The commoners are solemnly left to build their own cities and live out their restrained existence. Those rising to great power are never seen again – said to be stolen away in the night by Kellek’s minions. And so it was for millenia….

Then came the Spellplague.

The Citadel of Wonders was destroyed in a massive explosion, scattering mystic knowledge, artifacts, and even entire buildings hundreds of miles in every direction. Kellek is assumed to have perished. The Seal of the Feywild is broken. The very fabric of magic is altered and everyone is changed along with it.

A generation passes….

It is an age of Enlightenment. Trade and travel abounds. The Eladrin have returned. Treasure hunters discover forgotten magics and enchanters craft new arts.

It is an age of Chaos. New spawns of monsters roam the land unchecked, seeking gold and blood. Rulers of sister cities vie for power. Brigands prey on easy targets.

It is an age of Heroes.

It is your age.

After the Age of Wonders

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