After the Age of Wonders

It was only a dream!!!!!

Elros and Vigo have finally arrived at their quests’ end, aided by their rambunctious friends, Valandil and Shamash. The way was defended by more guards; this time a pair of Spitting Drakes and Greenscale Hunters each. Shamash recklessly strode forward and was caught between the teeth of a Visejaw Crocodile who laid in wait in a pool of water. Valandil came to his rescue and scared off the croc with a powerful blow. Victorious, the seasoned party happened upon a golden door with no apparent means of entry. Elros and Vigo knew that what each both sought was behind the entrance. Elros spied an etching on the stone floor that depicted a broken wine bottle. This reminded him of an adage he was fond of saying, “The wine is sweet to drink but bitter to pay for.” Who else could have known this outside the party but his lost brother, Gildor! After speaking the quote firmly, the door opened and a eerily familiar voice spoke. “You are too late.”

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Waking up from a rather vivid dream, Elros rose from his bed at the Nentir Inn of Fallcrest and went down to breakfast. He spied three other persons from his dream while a fourth burst through the door of the inn with the same voice from beyond the golden door.

Zurg the Paladin had happened upon a frantic and glossy-eyed boy with a wild story of hordes of goblins coming to attack the town. Ever the protector, Zurg ran into the nearest inn to form a posse to meet this evil threat. The patrons were unmoved, as the boy Ronnie had “cried wolf” several times in the last month.

Even though they had never really met before, the band of five felt that their destinies were somehow intertwined. And so off they went to follow Ronnie and the goblins.

Valandil, scouting ahead, found several Goblin Sharpshooters along one of the trade roads, looting a caravan. A fight broke out and a pair of Goblin Cutters dragged out the driver of the caravan, threatening to kill him. An attempt was made to Sleep the Cutters, but one of them made true its word. One Sharpshooter was sent scurrying into its burrow and one was captured for questioning.

Jonny, the also-tied-up driver’s son, turned out to be inconsolable over the loss of his father. So too was Ronnie, who informed the party that other goblins were about threatening his friend, the white cat. Ronnie soon led them to where two Elite Faeries were competing. One Faerie was commanding goblins to shoot the cat out of a tree while the other was using more goblins to prevent such an occurrence.

Unhesitatingly, Valandil fell one of the Goblins with a heroic feat of an arrow in each of its eyes. The Elite Faeries fled, but not before unleashing their invisible Faerie Swarms to enter the fray. The party ended victorious and found a Sword o’ Frost +1, Razor Armor +1, and a Potion o’ Healing as part of the caravan’s goods. Ronnie came out of his stupor and found vials of Faerie Juice, an addictive serum. Interrogation of Ronnie and the Goblin discovered the following: 1) The Faeries gave Juice to the Goblins to mollify them. 2) The Goblins gave Juice to Ronnie to get him to lay down in the road so ambushes could be set. 3) Ronnie’s stupor led to his hallucinations and “crying wolf” in the last months. 4) The Faeries also threatened the Goblins with the wrath of “Boomstick” who lives in the high mesa of the goblins’ ancestral home.

The party left Jonny to take Ronnie back to town and then headed off towards the mesa with the Goblin leading the way. Questions left to answer: 1) Who is Boomstick? 2) Why are Faeries unnaturally interacting with Goblins?

This is my boomstick

The goblin, though frightened, agrees to lead the party to Boomstick’s mesa in exchange for some of the Faerie Juice. He begins climbing the mesa in a daze up a hidden path. All but Elros follow.

Valandil’s sharp eyes spot small holes in the sides of the mesa from which Goblins begin pouring out of to attack. Elros seals off one of the entrances with Cloud of Daggers. One of the Faeries from the tree conflict flies out, preventing attacks with its Undeniable Beauty. It pulls Shamash off the mesa wall its Lure o’ the Wild, sending him crashing to the ground.

The captured Goblin manages to reach the top of the mesa and a loud BOOM! blows him off the cliff to his death. The mesa Goblins are dispatched and the Faerie barely manages to escape. Vigo and Valandil sneak up to the top and discover a large cave opening where a man is hiding, waiting to blow someone’s head off.

After some convincing, the man is indeed Boomstick, named for the Rod o’ Thundering he carries. He seems a bit mad and sometimes rants gibberish, talking to himself.

Boomstick claims to know many secrets and bestows a to the party a chest that he was holding for just this moment. Inside is some gold, a Bow o’ Thunderburst, and a Lifedrinker Maul.

Boomstick shows the party a magic portal in the back of the cave; he claims he went inside it once, but did not like what he saw.

Through the wrong gate

Did we make some deal with the fairy???? Maybe we agreed to exchange the Hobgoblin leader’s head for a meeting with the queen? Unlock and step through the gate. (How did the gate get unlocked?) Fight some bored Hobgoblin Guards on watch duty. We interrogated one of the hobgoblins and realized the gate had been locked for ages and now we may have opened the way for the hobgoblins to attack Fallcrest. Head down to Hobgoblin Cave and challenge their leader. (I believe the assumption was we could put them in disarray and keep them from attacking the town if we killed the leader) Fight against a very nasty Hobgoblin lord (Note: You can’t hit things that are over 4 levels higher then you!!!!)

My name is Gladiator

Challenge is accepted and we are escorted into the hobgoblins den. We note that the den appears to be part of the citadel of Kellek the mighty (Was it part of the dungeon?) Our first fight was against fire beetles and two tangler beetles. The fight went badly for our group as we didn’t use good tactics. We then fought Dwarves and some sort of lurker… That fight went better but we chose to rest at the end of the fight. The Hobgoblins did not appreciate that, but it did give us a chance to realize that there was multiple clans of hobgoblins here one liked the leader and one only stayed because they feared him. We also realized that there seems to be two sub leaders here, a witch and a beast master. Oh and we placed some bets that we would succeed.

A Kingly Challange

Pally was gone for this session on unless otherwise noted (hung over from the hobgoblin betting party instead of resting?) We fought ???? who were being helped by the witch and the beast master. After we won the Hobgoblin leader finally approached with some (Iron Defenders?) he sneered at us and told us he could only be challenged by one who was worthy (which we were not as we rested) or one of royal blood. Vigo changed him, and the witch scared him by confirming that there were two of royal blood in our ranks (Vigo and ?We have no clue?) The hobgoblins all gasped and the leader flew into a rage. The battle was joined and we managed to kill him in the end, but somehow through the battle the hobgoblin kept getting action points (we still don’t know how) We managed to kill the leader and the hobgoblin clans stared fighting among themselves to determine which clan would produce the next leader. We talked to the witch and she thanked us for freeing them from the leader, but advised us to leave before the clans turned on us. (Did Vigo claim rulership of this clan or something at this time?) We escaped back to the gate and ended up in some dungeon. (Not Boomstick’s cave)

Dungeon Crawl

We explored the dungeon and found a number of traps/skill challenges (of Dex Int and Str?) that slowed us from moving from room to room. We also fought some Skeletons and Zombies, and were continually attacked by this gargoyle who would turn to stone before they could kill it. After overcoming all these challenges, we ended up in a room with frozen bodies all over it. We worked our way across the room (while being attacked by the frost in the room itself) and as we did that Elros discovered some Eladrin bodies frozen into the floor, he extracted them and dragged them to next room, where he discovered they were eladrin from his home city.

A companion to kill and Gildor to blame for it

In the next room we discovered a bunch of cages some of which had dead bodies weighing them down. One of the bodies in the cages was newer and was an Eladrin who wore Elros’s brother’s signet ring. After some time ghosts rose from within the bodies and attacked the party. The Eladrin was particularly focused on killing Elros and kept blaming him for imprisoning him in the cage and leaving him to die. (We think he assumed Elros was his brother Gildor) After defeating the monsters, the party discovered that all the cages had to be loaded with creatures and locked shut for the door to open. Rather then sacrifice one of the party members, the group lured the gargoyle into the room and beat on it until it turned it into a statue. Then the tied it up and tossed it into the open cage, locking the door before it could escape from the ropes. The door now opened and the group (including Elros who brought the two eladrin bodies on a floating disk) headed into a room with three thrones (there were five but two were destroyed) a dragon skeleton, a giant skeleton and three Warforged? These warforged challenged us to a game. (Insert rules of the game here) We won the first match and were gifted with the ability to double move one.

Is that a Boomstick in your pocket or are you happy to see me

We played the second match and won that (Opponent had? special power) we gained the sweep two squares special power. We played the third warforged (who had double life and Hit hard special power) and he forced a draw when down to the last hit. He then asked the empty chairs for a ruling. (a few of us jumped up on the chairs but failed miserably at bluffing the warforged into believing we were the remaining three kings.) We did however mange to confound the warforged with an unsolvable logical puzzle and as the leader processed the problem the gate appeared. We all jumped through (Elros took the bodies again) and ended up back in Boomstick’s cave. After confronting the fairy with the head, he reluctantly agreed to take us to the queen (the other fairy was laughing hysterically as neither thought we could possibly succeed). They also found out that we had broken the centuries old seal on the gate and told Boomstick they were going to stop feeding him happy juice as he had not kept the gate secure as agreed. So Boomstick asked to join us in our trip to the queen.

The Summer Court
A task, a trick,a trade and a tale

We are led to the Fairy Court on Midsummer’s eve. The entire summer court is gathered and in costume. However the group manages to figure out which fey is Titania, and after much talking Elros approaches and asks for information on his brother. The queen is in a festive mood and agrees if the party will entertain the court by performing a trick, telling a tale making a trade, and performing a task for the court. The party agrees (Except Valandil) and they start to figure out the trick. (Make four perfect triangles using only six sticks of equal length.) Elros (being a sage) has actually read this trick before and solves the puzzle in moments. Then the group confers together (lots of knowledge and some streetwise and manages to determine what tale would be good to tell, Boomstick uses his silver tongue and performs one of the better tales the court has heard in many years. Finally the group agrees to leave Vigo with the court, so he can perform a service as a trade for the information needed.


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