After the Age of Wonders

It was only a dream!!!!!

Elros and Vigo have finally arrived at their quests’ end, aided by their rambunctious friends, Valandil and Shamash. The way was defended by more guards; this time a pair of Spitting Drakes and Greenscale Hunters each. Shamash recklessly strode forward and was caught between the teeth of a Visejaw Crocodile who laid in wait in a pool of water. Valandil came to his rescue and scared off the croc with a powerful blow. Victorious, the seasoned party happened upon a golden door with no apparent means of entry. Elros and Vigo knew that what each both sought was behind the entrance. Elros spied an etching on the stone floor that depicted a broken wine bottle. This reminded him of an adage he was fond of saying, “The wine is sweet to drink but bitter to pay for.” Who else could have known this outside the party but his lost brother, Gildor! After speaking the quote firmly, the door opened and a eerily familiar voice spoke. “You are too late.”


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