After the Age of Wonders


Valendil successfully tracks the fleeing harpy into the forests to the north. There they are confronted by a group of fey who accuse them of trespassing on their land. After some discussion and a bribe of food, one of the fey lead the group out of their land to a caravan. The party, thinking the caravan was war party, assume an attack position. But then Valendil notices that the harpy shoots arrows with odd fletching toward the caravan, but never hitting anything. And the caravan returns fire, but again does not hit. This seems out of place, but the party cannot figure out why. The harpy then runs, and the party steps out of it’s ambush locations and speaks with the caravan leader, an Eladrin. The Eladrin says the caravan is on it’s way to a waypoint to cross into the Feywild. The party gets the impression that the caravan is out matched should it run into the war party that is still lurking about. The party instructs the caravan to continue onward, and that the party will lure out and dispatch any awaiting ambush.

Dirty Hens

Following Valendil’s skillful tracking, the party finds a group of harpies attacking a camp of travelers. Entering the fray early, Valendil doles out a lot of damage against the attacking harpies, exposing himself to great danger. The rest of the party arrives to the battle seconds later. The flying harpies become a greater threat than originally anticipated and continuously blinds, burns and immobilizes the party. But the party finds assistance in a monk, who suffered many wounds, as she held off the attack by herself until we arrived. Eventually, this obvious scouting party is neutralized with the exception of one, who flies away to warn her warchief…

Imminent Danger!

After the party agrees to leave Elros in mor capable hands, they retire to an inn to clean up and refresh. In the morning, Vigo leaves to exercise his martial training. Valendil goes with Vigo and meets another village scout, Mira.

Boomstick continues to have relapses in memory and foretells of an imminent invasion.

Valendil and Mira go off into the woods for a brief scouting mission away from non-elven ears. Samash, Vigo and Boomstick then head to the fair with the elves, but see a wounded patrol coming back. During this time one of the old elves from the house of healing confronts Boomstick and convinces him to drink some happy juice (medicine) and this stops the voices in his head.

Vigo and Samash and Boomstick find the lord of the town, convince the guards to let you in and get there in time to hear the lord talking to his council about the report from the patrol. They were attacked by Hobgoblins and Ogres. The warband had the sign of a leather mask and was shocking because no hobgoblins had been seen in a generation.

As the village is caring for their fallen comrade, the party feels a duty to search for the warband and are warned about a scouting party of harpies that the patrol avoided.

Lost Light
Note: Played over email.

Your party enters a chamber cautiously, as you assume that the master’s lackey has warned his master. As you enter, Samash immediate recognizes the room for what it is. There are large tables about. Maps all over the place. Various equipment, money, weapons, armor neatly arranged about the room. On the tables, there are maps; there are pieces on the maps on the tables, seeming to represent troop movement. To Samash, this is obviously a War Room. With a quick study of the map, he tells you that it looks like a plan to assault the location where you met the Fey Court and the City of Fallcrest. There seems to be an arcane scroll on the map, which Elros begins to approach, but he is halted by a sickening sound.

You all look up to see on the opposite side of the room to see the master’s lackey…with his head almost decapitated…because it is hanging by bits of flesh. The lackey is being held by the Master Vampire, having just fed on the lackey. The Master tosses the lackeys corpse to the side, obviously still hungry…he seems happy that you arrived in time for dinner.

Details are a blur…but the battle is epic. A seemingly endless supply of vampires flood the room from every angle imaginable. They seem to crawl out of the walls, to attack you from all sides and from above. Elros, grabs the arcane scroll, and rushes into the room from where the Master came. He yells at the others to buy him some time. Everyone fights for their life. Boomstick grows stronger with every kill. Valendil takes down two minions at a time. Beldin guards everyone’s flank, and Samash engages the Master. With a mighty stroke, Samash buries his Sunblade into the Master’s chest, crying out some forgotten prayer in some ancient tongue.

His armor glows and every sees the power of the armor begin channeled into the sword an into the chest of the master. Now all hell breaks loose. The battle is no longer organized, but they seem to be fighting amongst themselves, but they all also now seem a lot stronger. But while they fight each other, they are all also acutely aware that the party is the only meal in the room. The rest of the party grabs what ever they can from the room before they enter the Master’s chamber. (You may each select CASH, an item type of your choice, or a Miscellaneous…Eastman will determine exactly what it is).

You all fight at the doorway, while Elros tries to finish the ritual on the scroll. He has determined that it opens a gate directly to the Fey Court. As you hold the doorway, the grounds stirs. Gildor begins to crawl out of the ground…and he looks hungry…and his appetite seems indiscriminate. You all fear that he is unable to resist the smell of living blood in his new form and that he may have finally overestimated himself. Knowing the Elros would not want his brother dead, you try to take him down without completely destroying him. The move seems to pay off as he wins a battle of will and brings him self under some control. Gildor stops his attack against the party. But at the doorway, the paladin is a wall of radience against the horde of hungry undead. As Elros utters the final words of the incantation, a portal opens, but not smoothly. Elros is blown from his feet to land in a heap in front of Gildor. Gildor picks up his brother, and throws him to Samash, begging you to take Elros away before he loses control. He says, “Take him! I’ll deal with what I’ve done here!” The paladin yells to all of you to go. You realize what the paladin already has…he has to hold the door, or you will be over come before you can enter the portal. He seems to gain strength with his final stand. With heavy hearts, you leave through the portal. As you step through, Valendil sharp eyes notice on Gildor’s hand that he is wearing two rings, and both bear the seal of Elros’ family. All of you see Gildor bite into the back of the neck of the paladin before the gate closes shut.

You feel yourselves launched through the planes and reappear in the circle of stones where you met the Fey Court. The ring of power lies empty.

After the chaos and deafening screams of the hoards of undead the quiet sounds of insects seem almost unreal. Faintly the strains of a joyful song can be heard coming from deeper in the woods to the south. (Valendil you recognize the sounds of the a common elven song played to entertain clans after a day’s work is done.)

As you look around you see that the sun has just set. You are all exhausted (no one has any Action Points or Healing Surges left and you are all bloodied). Samash, the Coat of Arnd has moved on and you have 5,000 in residuum clinging to your sword.

Elros lies unmoving over Samash’s shoulder, he is weakly breathing but otherwise unresponsive.

Valendil moves off and start scouting while Boomstick stands guard. He manages to follow Valendil’s progress for a little bit, but loses track of him in the fading light as he moves into the woods to the south.

Meanwhile Samash you examine Elros. As you look him over, it becomes apparent that his obvious physical wounds are serious but probably not life threatening. However he seems to be fading fast. Working quickly you field dress all his physical wounds and that seems to help him. He appears to be out of immediate danger, however he remains un-responsive and you conclude that he may have internal, or mental injuries that are beyond you at this point.

With the immediate dangers to your companions taken care of, Samash you settle down and offer a prayer to the Raven Queen for swift passage of Beldin’s soul. You are left feeling better, but some small part of your is left wondering if your prayer was heard.

Samash then gathers the residuum from his sword and places it into a pouch and puts on his old armor. As you settle in to wait for Valendil to return, you can’t help but notice that your armor just feels like so much dead weight when compared to the second skin that was the Coat of Arnd.

Meanwile near Margrove After a long day of training, the elven family of Greenwood invites you to join them for dinner. (This is not unusual, a different family has asked you to join them most nights.) You accepted and quietly sit near their fire in the woods and just relax as the joys of elven life move around you. The vegi stew is good, and the conversation covers many topics…

The chief topic of conversation is about the market fair at Fallcrest, (Think something like a combination of The Taste and Marti Gras) but a number of other topics come up as well. The usual political conversations about the strange disorder that seems to be in the Winter court is discussed, as well as Athina’s (one of the girls singing) impending nupuals, Grandpa’s Listin’s work with the depressed Gnome who lost his dragon, and Uncle Tamin’s trades that he plans on making with the Eladrin for feyhoney.

As you lay back, you feel content. The pace of the elven life took some adjustment after the hussle of the human world, but there are advantages that can not be ignored. Still in the back of your mind, you can not help but wonder what has happend to the rest of your friends.

The explorations of Valandil You quietly leave the ring of Stones, and begin to look around. The field around the standing stones looks like it is relatively undisturbed. Outside of a small heard of Buffalo, It appears that no large groups of creatures have moved through this area in a few weeks.

As you circle around the standing stones, you see that you are being watched by Boomstick as he stands over Samash who is working on Elros. Other then a few rabbits, and an owl, you do not detect any other creatures near the circle. As you get to the southern point of your patrol, the singing is obviously louder. It is a (few?) female voices in the woods to the south… You move stealthily south, and after a bit of walking you begin to see a light coming through the trees in the same direction that the singing is coming from.

You quietly approach the source of the light and sound, and see some figures moving in front of a small fire. Keeping well out of the firelight, you move around the fire until you reach a good point for observation.

The group around the fire seems to consist of about a dozen figures. Most are elves and one larger figure (human, half-elf?) But exactly what you can’t see for sure. Two of the figures sound to be older elven girls who are practicing their singing with an elf matron. The girls are perodically accompanied by “Uncle Tam” who is playing a fiddle. A small Elf child stands in the center of the clearing tending the fire and stiring a pot cooking some type of food. The rest of the figures are reclining on rocks/logs around the clearing discussing a number of different topics. A couple of loud male and female voices seem to be discussing what they will do at some market fair. You can also barely make out an Older Male and Female who quietly discussing something about the Winter Court. All of the figures seem relaxed.

As you watch for a moment the larger human shifts and in the firelight you clearly make out the profile of Vigo eating a bowl of something.

Valandil calls out to Vigo, “Hail Vigo, and kinsmen, It is I Valandil, returned from the ill conceived and fated adventure south. I have much to tell you, but first Elros is gravely injured back north a little ways with Shamash and Boomstick. I need to return to them, and let them know I have found help. Will you come with me?”

Vigo replies: “”Valendil! you have returned! let me gather my things, and you can tell me what happened along the way”

Two of the of the elven Men stand up and after seeding that Vigo responds positively, asks if you need help with your injured friend. They seem prepared to come with you.

Vigo replies, “No, it’s ok. They are my companions. But please make preparations here to receive and care for the wounded.”

The Patriarch of the family replies: “What are the nature of your companion’s injuries? Can he be moved back to the village? Although I might be able to help him here, the brothers in the house of healing are far better equipped to deal with the gravely injured then we would be here. If you can not move him, where can we find this injured companion?”

Vigo replies: “We will bring them back here, and from here we can assess and mobilize.” The two then head north into the woods leaving the family to prepair to receive the injured.

Back at the Circle of Stones

Boomstick and Samash, after a long time of resting in the circle, hear something approaching from the woods to the south….

Samash with your low light vision you can just make out that there are two some things coming out of the woods about 100 yards to the south of the circle.

Boomstick thinks to himself: Why is it so noisy? Not supposed to be avalanches in the forest… or is it voices all trying to scream at once? Can’t tell…

Head really hurts… Can’t think so good. I’ll just sit down here…

Others around me. Same ones as in my dreams for so long.

They don’t look so good. Heh, must have pissed someone off. Ouch! That hurt… reminder not to laugh.

Huh? What this? I don’t remember picking that up… Tend to it later.

YAWN Why am I so tired? Think I’ll just take a short nap…. zzzzzz…

“Huh? What? Shamash, what do you see? Where is everyone else?”

Boomstick and Samash stand up looking at the creatures approaching to the south. Boomstick begins to notice that Samash is swaying on his feet and appears to be falling asleep where he stands. So he shakes Samash awake and points out what has become obvious to him: The two creatures approaching from the south are Vigo and Valendil.

The two walk up to the circle of stones and Valendil says: “I found Vigo with some elves south of here. How is Elros? Can he be moved to their camp, its not far?”

Samash replies: “I’ve done what I can for Elros, but he is beyond my ability. What is Vigo doing here? I thought he was taken by the Faerie Queen (?) Was the town friendly? Is there a more skilled healer where we can take Elros and rest more comfortably?”

Boomstick injects: _“Heh heh heh.”

Did I just laugh out loud? Was it something Vigo said?

“Yeah, uh… the Fey. Yeah. Maybe they can help Elros.. Like they helped me at… uh… in my cave. Remember that? Yeah. We should go there. And Shamash doesn’t look too good either.”_

The group decides to make for the village.

Vigo picks up Elros and the group of you all head to the nearby elven village that Vigo was talking about. (I’m assuming you have Valandel scouting and such) You walk, the conversation flows freely, and you fill in Vigo on whatever details that he does not know about your adventures. Vigo also tells you what he knows about the village The rest of the party quickly discovers this is not much as he stayed mostly in a cottage in the woods with an elven wepon master named Falin. This intense training was only broken up twice by a trip into town to resupply and visit the local inn. The village is an elven settlement built into the branches of a number of great Vallenwood trees. All the building are up in the trees except the forge and the stables which are located on the ground below for obvious reasons. Due to the proximity to a regular Feywild crossing to the Eladrin city of Salos, The Nethil River and the human town of Fallcrest, this village has been growing as a meeting point for traders to the feywild. As such the village boasts a large Inn that caters to both locals and travelers.

It takes about half an hour to reach elven village of Margrove. There is no wall about the city, and you notice only one watchman as you carry your friend into town. here’s a map of what Vigo knows about the town: You are standing at the center of the village green, and the moons seems to be shining brightly tonight so even the humans can make out a few elves here and there crossing the bridges between trees.

Vigo calls out to one of the shadowed elves: Ho Friend! We have wounded and need assistance.

The female elf replies from the darkness:

“Hail Vigo, you and your companions are known to me. In thanks for your highly entertaining tale you spun for the Summer Court, I will lead you to the House of Healing.”

She motions for you to come up the stairs just north of the town square and moves across the bridges in a path that seems to be taking her to that same staircase.

The party heads over to the set of spiral stairs and ascends them.

At the top of the stairs you meet a female half-elf who introduces herself as Mira. She is a young adult (probably 24) with a pretty face and short auburn hair that shows off her cute pointed ears. She wears a light colored cheongsam that does little to hide the fact that while she is a bit more solidly built then most elves, she is obviously very fit and nicely shaped. As she leads you north along the tree bridge she engages the party in small talk using common. She seems to remember you all from your appearance at the summer court, and in the couple minutes it takes to arrive at your destination, manages to compliment you each individually on your performances there. As you are walking behind her you can not help but notice that not just her face is mighty attractive. When you arrive at a larger tree house directly north of the stairwell she looks over her shoulder and catches you looking. She gives you a little wink where only you can see and asks for the whole party to wait. She knocks on the door, and when the door is opened by an older Elf Male in a white robe she bows her head and says, “Shengweaver, these emissaries of the summer court come bearing a wounded companion.” The old elf smiles and replies, “Blessings be on you Mira-gushishuo.” He then turns to the party, nods his head, and says, “Be welcome to the House of Healing o’ emissaries of the Summer Court. Please bring your companion and let us converse on the nature of the injuries you all seem to have suffered.” The old elf steps back into the house and motions you through while Mira steps to the side of the door way. The party follows the older elf into the building, Vigo leading carrying Elros followed by Samash, Boomstick, and Valendil. As you enter a medium size room you hear Valendil say the following to Mira: “I must see to my friend tonight…….but on the morrow I would much enjoy spending my time with you…..uh…. if you know of a place where you would consent to meet me…..ummm… I would present myself to your keen eyes and fill your ears with tales.” Mira leans over and whispers the following to Valendil before she follows the group into and shuts the door behind the party. The Inn of the Last Home is where you’ll probably stay, So meet me there tomorrow, ‘round about mid-day. I look forward to the tales of a brave warrior like you, So I’ll cover the wine, and a bit of food too. The room you are in is rounded on the side from which you came in (due to the building being round on the outside) and square on three sides. It is roughly 30’x20’ and is dimly lit by a silver lantern floating near the ceiling at the far wall. The inner walls are a cream colored paper like material with small tapestries showing natural scenes displayed at various points in the room. The center of the room has a matt made of reddish colored reeds that is rolled at one end and has an area about 8’ x 5’ that is unrolled. Around that matt are set out three large pillows two nearer the door and one farther away. Next to the wall by the door to the outside a number of other large pillows are laid out. In the center of the wall on the far side of the room a doorway leads deeper into the building, while at the wall to the north another pillow sits next to a closed wooden cabinet on which sits a gently smoking incense pot. A book lies closed on the floor next to this pillow. The entire effect is rather serine and soothing. The old elf walks to the far side of the room and the light from the lantern suddenly increases. He then walks to the single pillow sitting on the far side of the matt and settles down cross-legged on it. While all this is going on, Mira quietly steps out from in front of the door and leans back against the wall. The old elf speaks to the entire group in common: “Summer-Emissaries, please present thy ailing companion so I may examine him. If thou also hast any information that would shed illumination on his current state please join me and relate thy tale.” He then makes a motion to the reed matt and waits while Vigo puts Elros down upon it. The old elf then begins examining Elros while Valendil (who is leaning against the wall near Mira) recites the following story.

“We had just dispatched the vampire lord, that is to say Samash smote him with a mighty blow when his spawn went crazy and attacked each other and grew in strength and numbers. We strategically retreated through a door to a nearby room to give better positioning for the spawn were funneled to us in smaller numbers. Along the way Elros picked up a scroll that he determined has a ritual to open a portal to this land. He read the scroll while Beldin and the other held off the vampire abominations. The appearance of the portal sent a shock wave through Elros that knocked him back and to the ground. We were…Beldin is a beacon of light holding the line at the doorway calls for a retreat through the portal. Samash picks up Elros and we go through the portal. {Tone change:heatedly and slowly says}- Unfortunately, Beldin was lost to us in the process. {Valandil seems to be angry at something, but says no more}

The old elf seems interested in what happened and replies while still examining him: “I see that some of his wounds have been field dressed. Was anything else done to him? Samash responses by saying that what he sees is the extent of his ability.

The old elf also asks: “Has he been like this since he was knocked to the ground? Has he said or done anything besides lay here quietly?”

The party all responds negitivly.

“To you knowlege had your companion ever done a ritual like this in such a short time before?”

Again the party replies negitivly.

The old Elf examines Elros a bit more then says to Samash: “Your field dressings probably saved your companions life. You did a good job boy.”

He then sits back and looks at the rest of the party. “My name is Garalis Washan and I am what the humans call a Master in the Art of healing. Although Arcane injuries are not my specialty, I have seen injuries like this before. Almost all of them occurred over a human generation ago. Reactions like this to rituals were one of the first signs of what would eventually become known as the spellplague. The when in good health the mages would recover in 24 or so hours, but sometime in the future the next reaction would be worse, with the cycle recurring and each recovery getting longer and reaction getting worse. Eventually use of a ritual would lead to unreasonable paranoia and insanity.”

“Luckily, one of my companions with the help of the sprites have developed a way to break this cycle. It is not an overly long process, but your companion will need to stay with us for a time to complete the course of treatment. Now if you are on a critical mission, he could probably continue to work with you as this is his first occurrence, but eventually he will relapse and his recovery will be longer and harder because of it. In the end, some of the mages had to be treated for years and even decades because of how far along they were.”

“But your companion is nowhere close to that, so tell me, how critical is your current mission for the Summer Court. Can your companion stay with us for a few weeks, or do you need him to continue your mission?”

Tomb Raiders

After entering the temple on top of the pyramid, the party found a sun device on the floor. Further investigation showed that the center of the sun sank down. The Valandel lowered the floor part way and found himself in an intersection of two hallways.

As he investigated down the west hallway, the rest of the party joined him in the hallway. This dropped the platform to the floor and set off a number of traps. The hallway filled with fire, and as the party (except Elros who Fey Stepped back up) ran east, the room at the end of the hallway was filled with explosions.

Valandel managed to disable these traps, and the entire party headed down a narrow hall way that sloped down. This hall way turned twice and came to a dark room with a pillar in the center. A skull lord, tomb guardians attacked the party and when the Paladin, and Samash went to engage, some vampire spawn hit Elros and Boomstick from the back. These all were quickly dispatched, and the party continued to follow the twisting passage down.

Below the skull lord room, a group of humans who worshiped Orcus confronted the party in a room with two sarcophagi and a throne. The party attacked these humans from range, and ended up being stuck in a hallway that shot darts. As some of the cultists triggered the trap over and over, the leader opened the sarcophagi and two mummies attacked the party. The battle was soon joined, with the Paladin and Samash engaging the mummies while Boomstick, Valandel and Elros cleaned up the cultists. (Note Sleep plus Hunger of Hadar” is nasty) In the confusion one of the lesser cultists escaped deeper into the pyramid.

After combat Valandel gave chase, but the cultist was already too far ahead. So the party regrouped in the sarcophagi room and prepared to meet what was now surely a prepared enemy.

Pyramid Scheme?

The party moves up the beach and comes to an Inca like temple with a pile of bodies below. The group moves up near the bodies and a number of Deathlock wights and one battle Wight appear. The party handles them with few issues and moves up the temple. At the top of the temple the group throws open a door and is attacked by a Battle Wight and two Rot Scarab Swarms. The group is heavily damaged by this fight but knowing that they are under a time limit moves farther into the temple.

You did what with How many zombies!!!!

The group lands on Omaha beach and attacks a number of boneshard skeletons and a skeletal tomb guardian. (There are also guard towers and archers that the party must run through farther up the beach) The party stays mostly out of range of the guard towers and Elros and the Shadar-Kai witch plan out their assault. Elros locks down the guard tower and the Shadar-Kai assault the tower while the party mops up the Skeletons. As this is happening a literal hoard of zombies descends on the beach. Elros tries to kill them with Stinking Cloud, but they are immune. So the battle is joined and many minutes later the party stands on the beach bloodied but unbowed.

In the Master's Chambers
Diplomacy Hmm... I didn't expect that

After a very tough fight (which is ended by the Vampires? being called off.) the party goes into the Lord Vader’s library (Two story room with caged vampires and a bunch of Shadar-Kai. There they are told to fight the Shadar-Kai and whoever ends up in his office will get the quest to rescue Gildor. The party talks and convinces the Shadar-Kai to join forces. They both approach the patriarch (who is shocked at their solution) and he send them on a ship south (with a dwarf paladin) to the vampire’s lair.

Note: the following is a little revisionist and makes a more sensible storyline: While in the library, Lord Vader sees a family resemblance between Elros, Gildor, and their father. Then he shows them a book. When Boomstick sees the binding, his memories stir, and as pages are turned even more memories flood back. He remembers who Kellek is/was and what his struggle was for. He remember the five main players for deification. Kellek, Orcus, Kas the Betrayer, The Fomorian Overlord, and Oberon, King of the Fey. The War between the Fomorian and the Fey were largely in part because Elros’ father possessed the Fomorian Kilt of Power. Keller had deceived the Fey and stole their Orb of Sarlos. While the Fey call Kellek the betrayer, everyone else calls the Fey, the Fools. There is only one “Betrayer” and that is Kas, who was also instrumental in the slaying of Kellek after Kellek’s soul was trapped by Boomstick’s sacrifice.

(more later…getting late…must take an extended rest)

On the way south their boat is attacked by Sahuagin, but the attack is easily handed by the party. (Note: Stinking Cloud Rocks!!!!)

Who is the Patriarch

The group tries to figure out how to get into the patriarchs place in New Orleans. The front approach seems locked up tight, so they go to city hall, and Boomstick talks his way past the clerks to get an appointment with the patriarch. He also gets Elros into the hall of records to find out the history of the house. (Really Elros finds the plans and looks to see if there is a sewer connection into the house.) The group leaves in darkness and enters the sewer before dawn. In the sewers before the house they fight a black dragon, a couple shadar-kai and ???. They get to near the house and are blocked by bars. With an amazing feat of strength Smash bends open the bars and the group goes in. (here Smash discovers the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. The group moves into the courtyard of the patriarch’s compound and is attacked by two Vampires?

Mushroom Maddness
I sniff the mushrooms!!!!!

The group exits the Raft and confronts Elros about how his brother is a bad guy. Elros explains his history (See Rana Family history) and explains how he is after the Orb of Solos and so is his brother. The group proceeds to search for Yoda and find that he lives under the great tree in the fire swamp. (Does Boomstick start having visions here?) The fire swamp is full of hallucinogenic mushrooms and random gouts of quicksand and Fire. The group carefully makes it’s way across the swamp and is attacked suddenly by one displacer beast. When the beast is defeated two displacer beasts appear from behind the great tree. The party defeats these two and three appear. As some of the party start to question this, they slowly start to realize this is an illusion. One by one they slip out of the illusion and into Yoda’s hut. Boomstick seems to remember much of the surroundings…are these auspicious or dark portents?

Yoda recognizes Boomstick and laments at what was lost. He hints at a heroic past, but does not elaborate. He seems to imply that Boomstick (it’s clear that Yoda feels that “Boomstick” is a ridiculous name) and Elros’ father were companions and fought against Kellek in the past. Yoda explains that while Elros’ father sacrificed his sanity to fight the fomorians, Boomstick sacrificed his life force and memories (read as: XP…old school style) in order to imprison Kellek.

Yoda suggests finding the patriarch of Orleans, Lord Vader to find more answers.


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