After the Age of Wonders

The Great Stone Bridge

The party comes to a huge gorge spanned by a great stone bridge. A couple of tiefling are spotted on the far side of the bridge. The party decides that since it does not want to get caught on the bridge during a fight (a crack was noticed in the bridge), the party charges! The tieflings are quickly dispatched, but not before a signal is sent. A horn blows in the distance, while Valendil scales the wall of a ruined tower near the bridge. Upon reaching the top of the tower, Valendil discovers a blue dragon hiding in the tower! As the dragon rises out of the tower, and raiding party of hobgoblins and worgs ride out of the forest. The party fights, and fights, and fights some more. Samash takes grievous wounds and is almost felled. Valendil continously harries the dragon from a distance. Boomstick dispatches many hobgoblin minions with his dark arts. When the dragon sees an opening, he lands on the bridge to wreak havoc on the party. The monk finds a small opening and touches the dragon to wrack pain upon it. Vigo engages all of the worg to give Samash, near death, a moment to catch his breath. Resources depleted, the party finally slays all of the worgs and riders. At this, the blue dragon is near death and flies away…or tries to. Running forward, Valendil raises his bow, adjusts for the extreme range, and lets loose a single arrow. The arrow penetrates the dragon’s thick scales and the dragon falls, dead. After a moment to rest, the caravan comes forward, shocked at what they see. Shocked not wat the ambush, but that the party succeeded in killing the ambush party.

It is at this point, that the Eladrin burst from their disguise to reveal themselves at a group of Oni.



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