After the Age of Wonders

Temple of Orcus I

The party flies on dragon back to the location of the vampiric dragon’s lair. They scout around and find a back entrance. They use the back entrance. They find bones on the ground along the way. as they pass through the bones two piles of them arise in a stoneborn dracolich and a razortalon skeletal dragon. They party defeats them but not without taking heavy damage as they are all basically melee and the dracolich sent shards in a close burst 3 once per round when it was struck.

They proceed in and find the creation room elros say in the vision. 5 death priest of orcus are performing an unknown ritual, their is an alter, 3 piles of bones, 2 magic circles conecting to the shadowfell (not actual portals, just conduits). 2 Razortalon skeletal dragons and 2 bonespitter skeletal dragons. They down on of the razortalons quickly, but find the other backs away while the bonespitters rain death with bone spike volleys, which pin (immobilize the person hit). To complicate matters some unknown force starts dominating random party members, causing them to attack the party or just stand there, not advancing.

They determine that the alter is actually the cause of this. Boomstick uses new found powers to sacrifice curse damage to teleport the target closer to the party, after a couple rounds of this, it gets to the melee, and they dispatch it and the other razortalon. with the alter and the last bonepitter left, (the deathpriest are not doing anything other then the ritual) they move in for the alter and smash it. Then they finally overwhelm the bonespitter who is kiting them around. The battle ends, the death priest did not complete the ritual, and are dispatched. They get loots, and then search down a stair case.

They find the cell that elros had a vision of, magically protected to prevent a vampire from leaving, but no brother. when the come back up the find elros’s brother on a nightmare, a skeletal figure (not the same as on the red) on a vampiric dragon. This enemies run before a battle can even be engaged out the front door. The party pursues and finds 6 zombie dragons blocking the way.

The only interesting mechanic of this fight is the 2 of them wing buffet to knock the party down and the other 4 run up and eat the prone party members until they get up. This causes massive amounts of damage by the end of the fight.

At which time the party finds themselves mostly out of healing surges and not at max HP.

Fortunately they have levels so the red balls return to full, they gain 1 healing surge and the ability to use the new 15th level daily.

Their dragon partners show up and pick them up and the fly out in search of the vampiric dragon and elros’s brother. It is dusk. They are exhausted….



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