After the Age of Wonders

No rest from the Wicked

What we learn from Dreams

Note: A number of sessions have passed, but Elros was sleeping, so no record has been found at this point.

The party has saved Fallcrest, having defeated the invasion force and specifically driven off the undead red dragon (child of Kelek) and his githyanki rider. — During the celebration, they ask about Elros and find where he is resting. They find Elros awake talking to Mira (the Elven Bard). Elros says weakly, “What does this mean?” With that he passes out. Mira motions the party to follow her. She takes them to a private room in the Elven embassy and says, “He has been waking up on and off for the last couple days, during the battle. He has been delirious and talking in broken sentences that don’t make any sense. He has been speaking as if having a vision, or as one who is insane, but we will assume that not to be the case as some of the things he is saying, tie to reality. Everything has been out of order in my eyes; it is almost as if he is having an out-of-body experience and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.” She relates the various vision segments and Elros joins them shortly. Together, with Mira’s aid, they use their knowledge of the arcane, religion, and history, with the skills of insight, streetwise, and diplomacy to determine the order of events of the vision and to determine that Elros is seeing through his brother’s eyes.

The Completed Vision

  • He looking at a vast fortress, where shambling humanoid shapes and winged creatures abound. It is nighttime and the moon is full. A howling is heard in the background. A small movement, directly below, just barely in sight. A hand reaches out fast as lightning and grabs something. He raises something to his mouth while still watching the fortress.
  • He is floating through the air approaching a fortress in the dark of night. He spends a great deal of time, walking, creeping, and searching many rooms and hallways. He hides as shapes walk by.
  • A great skeletal and flesh dragon lies on a vast pile of treasure. Priceless objects adorn the room. Skeletons move about the room cleaning everything. Floating in the middle of the room in front of the dragon is a glowing orb. Shimmering energy surrounds it. (This has been determined to be the Orb of Solos.)
  • Priceless objects adorn a room with vast piles of treasure and a glowing orb floating in the middle of it. Skeletons move about the room cleaning everything. He spends time examining the magical field around the orb, ignoring the other treasures. Finally he attempts to take it and is blown back against the wall. An alarm of some kind is going off. The walls instantly begin to glow. Looking around frantically he moves to an area of the wall. Does something with his hands and is moving through a dark space. Everything is grey, and looks cave-like.
  • He is in a library of sorts looking through books in which arcane images abound; there are various maps and other unrecognizable words.
  • He walks to a warehouse by the docks in the dark of night. He meets a couple of thugs.
  • He is lying in a wood crate, looking up when dirt is shoveled onto him. He is quickly consumed by darkness.
  • He is sneaking through alleyways avoiding people. All of the buildings are made of stone. They are adorned with grandeur and splendor. A pair of dragons, a Blue and a Gold, fly overhead. He dashes out of an alley into another. He tries to blend into a group of travelers leaving the city. Dragonkin and Dwarves guard the entrance but pay little mind to those leaving. (This is believed to be the City of Drylosis).
  • He is flying over a forest, approaching a mountain range.
  • He is talking in a dark place to several men in dark cowl robes. They have symbols of Orcus on their chests. He is describing something.
  • He is talking to a red dragon in a cave for a long time.
  • A large room with a raised ring on the outside has several humanoids in dark cowl robes. They seem to be performing a ritual of some kind. In the center of the room is a dragon.
  • A large room with a raised ring on the outside has several humanoids in dark cowl robes. They seem to be performing a ritual of some kind. In the center of the room are bones.
  • A large room with a raised ring on the outside has several humanoids in dark cowl robes. They seem to be performing a ritual of some kind. In the center of the room is a man. (This is believed to be the Dark Gift Of The Undying ritual).
  • He is talking to a very pale dragon; the dragon seems amused.
  • He is in a sealed room with walls of natural stone, with sun light streaming in all around him. He feels exhausted.
  • He is in a sealed room and it is dark. He is combing every inch of the room, floors, walls, and ceiling looking for something when his exhaustion overcomes him and he collapses.

So just where is his brother?

The party beings to piece together the visions and are curious as to where Elros’s brother is. Looking at the vision they determine that the initial fortress is the Citadel of Orcus which contains the Orb of the Eladrin. It is the object that Elros’s brother is after, and it would seem he has failed to acquire it. There is some wonder amongst the party as to if this is the Orb that Kelek is imprisoned in, but no one is sure. They see that the last major landmark would be the “city made of stone, adorned with grandeur and splendor with a pair of dragons, a Blue and Gold, flying overhead.”

This results in several party members relating the knowledge they have about dragons.

Lore Chromatic Dragons & Metalic Dragons

After all this, Boomstick remembers that a group of dragons banded together during the war against Kelek, but does not know more. This revelation by Boomstick sets Shamash to have a vision much like Erlos has had: “You see from the eyes of someone flying aback an enormous gold dragon, flying over what you recognize as the capital city Drylosis of Arkhosia. You see your legs and gauntlets are of armor familiar to you (the artifact from Eastman’s session). You wield a great spear. You pass over the city and see a large flight of red dragons with rider closing in on you. The riders look like the rider you defeated defending Fallcrest. You make several gestures with your off hand and you see groups of variously colored dragons with riders fly in various directions towards these groups. Your dragon lets out a great challenging roar and you see Kelek behind this flight.” The party starts trying to find information about this city of Drylosis and nation of Arkhosia in Fallcrest. After a day of searching and asking questions, Vigo finds a merchant that tells him, “I believe I have heard mention of the continent of Arkhosia. It is rumored to be fabulously wealthy but well protected. Supposedly one merchant fleet from the southern port of Orleans has a trade route with them.”

The Party determines they need to go to Orleans many days to the south. Elros has suggested getting on a barge to go down the river like last time or using phantom steeds.



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