After the Age of Wonders

Emergency Council

Note: Done via email

Mira leaves you at the inn and tells you to that she will be back when she gathers the town council. As she leaves she stops for a moment and talks to one of the serving wenches. A few moments later the serving elf appears at your table with glasses of wine for you all (and not the cheap stuff they tried to pass on you the first time.)

As you all discuss the events of the day, Valandel you notice that the few remaining dragonborn cart drivers come into the inn and gather quietly around a table. They seem to be very subdued and rather shocked as the events of the day finally sink in. Only <name> the Warder seems to be dealing well with the situation, and he seems to be trying to blunt the blow for the rest of the carters.

Time passes quickly and the Mira returns and approaches your table. She asks you to follow her, and stopping only to also gather up <name> she leads you back to the council hall that some of you were in earlier this morning.

Mira leads you to the center of a semi-circle of nine chairs then walks to the chair farthest to the right and takes a seat. As you look around you notice that only five of the chairs are occupied. The middle age elf in the center chair rises and seems to be preparing begins to speak when he is interrupted by a fat elf sitting two seats to his left.

“Mira-San why have you dragged us to emergency session? While most of you may be enjoying this Fair day, some of us have import work we should be doing!”

With a slightly put upon look on his face, the elf who rose originally turns to address the fat elf who spoke “Daimyo Iormel, never once have we know Mira-gushishuo to take such action, as a fellow council member we should give her the benefit of at least hearing her reasons.” He continues addressing Mira, “Mira-San as you have called this emergency session, please present what you wish to discuss.” With that the elf in the center chair sits.

Mira rises and addresses the other four members of the Council. “Thank you for your time Kakka Wiston (The middle age elf in the center seat), Shengweaver Garalis (The old elf you know from the house of healing that sits to the right of the center seat), Daimyo Iormel (The fat elf two seats to the left of the center) and Sensei Soranna (A hard looking elf female who sits to the farthest seat to the left.) Earlier today Kakka Wiston sent this group out to investigate reports from one of Sensei’s patrols that discovered hobgoblins and Ogres where none should be. The information they uncovered I felt needed to be presented to this council immediately.”

She turns to your group and says, “Please present exactly what happened to your group to this council. Please tell us what you experienced and found today.”



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